A place for people
in Christian ministry to

rest, reflect & be restored

High Meadow Retreat in southwest England offers counselling, coaching and debriefing to anyone in Christian work in the UK or around the world.

our mission

Our mission at High Meadow Retreat is to encourage and assist people in Christian ministry to be resilient, motivated and equipped in their work.

We offer tailored counselling, coaching and debriefing in a beautiful rural setting to support Christian workers at all stages of their ministry. Away from the often-overwhelming pressures of life, the retreat offers space to slow down and rest as well as an opportunity to explore and work through past, present and future challenges.

what we offer

Counselling and Coaching
Marriage Retreat
Beautiful residential setting
Online Retreat

what we offer

Our retreats can incorporate counselling, coaching and debriefing support (see below for more details), an effective and complementary combination intended to help people identify and work through emotional difficulties, process challenging events, and find practical solutions for personal and organisational issues.